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Buying a House Assumptions

  • Your income is high enough for a bank to be willing to lend you the mortgage
  • You do not have an existing mortgage
  • The mortgage rate is the average bank rate over the past 15 years (7.5%)
  • No pensions, state benefits, or any other kind of assistance contributes towards you net worth
  • Your networth in a given year is based on the profit you would make if you sold the property, minus capital gains tax of 20%
  • Price growth is inflation adjusted
  • Capital and interest payments on the mortgage

Calculation Estimates Breakdown (GBP)

Year Propery Value Outstanding Mortgage Profit from Property Sale Cash Savings Net Worth If Property Bought

Renting Assumptions

  • You invest your savings in Index Funds, which have an average annual return of 7%, which, adjusting for approximately 2% inflation gives an annual return of 5%
  • Your savings are in a stocks and shares ISA, with a tax-free allowance of £20,000 per year

Calculation Estimate Breakdown (GBP)

Year Net Worth Renting and Saving